Web Hosting is undoubtedly the most indispensable thing for any website or blog. Malware is a big thread to any hosting company. There is no any Web Hosting company that gives 100% guarantee on malware proof services. Of course, it depend on several other factors. However, it also depends upon the security configuration(combination of hardware, firewall, software) on web server. According the Modern Malware review “90% of unknown malware is delivered via Web Browsing activities”.  Malware termed as Malicious software is a hamful application or malicious code such as torjan horses, worm or virus. It’s not wise to solely blame Web Hosting company, when the website is compromise with malware. It depends upon lot of internal and external factor. However, In the article I am going to discuss the major vulnerability that can occcurs due to your Web Hosting company poor security setup.

Web Hosting companies uses combination of firewall, hardware and software to prevent its user from malicious activites. However, sometimes it happens from a customer end. For example: My PC got infected with malware. I didn’t bother to clean it. Meanwhile while I am using the webserver the malware might get transfer from your PC to your webserver. Malware can get transmitted via cache, files and several other things.

Identify How secure is your web server

It’s always wise to know security of the web server before purchasing any plan. It’s the least priority checklist for most of the people who are planning to purchase new hosting account.  Try to read review of any webhosting company before purchasing it. Web hosting can be start by any individual by purchasing reseller or VPS hosting from any big company. If you are buying hosting from a least popular brand then you need to be serious about their datacenter. Try whoishostingthis.com to find server information of any web hosting company. I strongly don’t encourage to run after the least popular brands that doesn’t show it’s good presence in the internet.

How often they backup their client’s data

Backup policy helps you to determine the quality of the WebHosting. Disasters are always unpredictable. There are number of reason why you should always check backup policy before purchasing any Web Hosting plans. Whenever you suffer from uncertain disaster, backup helps you to recover all your damage. Remember, you can always manually backup your file from Web Hosting or any other third party service for it. However, If you choose the good web hosting they do it for you. The resotring might cost few bucks, depends upon the policy of Web hosting. Let’s take a look at the popular web hosting company backup policy

Does your company use Firewall and software information

There are several unseen technical glitch that happens everyday around the web. Firewall is a set of related program that restrict the network from being accessible from unwanted person. Most of the popular uses firewall in their server. However, if you buy webhosting from some person whom you don’t know or form a newly establish company, you are likely to become victim. Firewall and cheap old hardware are the biggest ways to reduce cost in Web Hosting industry. Being a normal user, you never cared about those things. I can see lot of internet forum crowded with a question about diskspace and bandwidth questions. Firewalls are less concerned to everyone who are trying to buy web hosting for first time or for the one who are trying to switch to new host.

How Often do you hosting upgrade the Software/OS

In most cases, the vulnerability is because of the software the company is using. Make sure they upgrade the OS and software quite often. Let’s assume if you running Ubuntu 0.04 on your server, It’s time to upgrade. Most of the hosting company quite aware of the OS. However, they are in snail paces when it comes to the software patches. You can scan the vulnerabilities via wpscan, which is one of my favouritetoolsl to check vulnerability.

Make sure to see the review before purchasing any hosting

The good hosting company is out there in the market and you can easily find them, without any hassle. Just google the company + review and discover whether it is worth persuading. While buying the hosting, if you choose price as a predentary factor, it will be a big problem. It doesn’t mean the good hosting company is expensive but they are not shitty. There are expensive on their end and every hosting company is there to make the profit. The cheap price comes with a cheap hardware and lousy support that might be outsourced to India or Phillipines.

My personal recommendation is a blue host. Their price is reasonable, and the support is good as well.